I am a Muslim, my wife is Hindu and my children are Hindustan: Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan recently said in a television show that there is never any discussion about religion in his family.

In Dance Plus, a dance reality show aired on Star Plus, he said, “In our family, we have never spoken of a Hindu Muslim. My wife is a Hindu, I am a Muslim and my children are Hindustan.”

Shahrukh attended the show aired last Saturday night as a guest. In response to a question during the show, he said, “Many times, when he goes to school, he has to fill in the school what religion is. When my daughter was younger, she came and asked me once which religion we belong to. So I wrote in it that we are Indians. There is no religion and it should not be. “

He is getting much praise in social media for his statement.

Many are calling his statement a matter of pride for the country, while many are also condemning him for his silence on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC.

A Twitter user named Naresh wrote, “We are proud, we are all Indians and nothing can be more proud of it.”

A Twitter user named Shailabh wrote, “Shahrukh Khan explained Hindustan in the best way”.

Eastern described Shahrukh Khan’s statement as “touching.”

Bhavnidhi wrote, “These are some of the most beautiful sentences I’ve heard so far.”

Mansi Sharma wrote, “In today’s difficult times when so much is happening, Shahrukh Khan’s statement is relaxed. There is nothing better than being an Indian.”

In response to this video, a person asked Shahrukh that if it is so, why should the children be named Muslim. Another Twitter user responded to this by saying that “Suhana is a Muslim name, Aryan is a Hindu name and in Abram is made by combining Abdullah and Ram’s name.”

On this, a Twitter user named Rani wrote, “Children are named after people who mix two religions.”

Ankur Aggarwal writes, “Shahrukh is the pride of India but he is silent amidst the protests against CAA and NRC. When he was answering the questions of the people on Twitter, people also asked him about this, but He thought it better to keep quiet. “

Ishaq Siddiqui wrote, “It is good that you are throwing light on the issue of NRC even without speaking anything. It is your wish to speak or not to speak. But it will benefit and the CAA, NRC will come true in front of the people.”

What do you think?

Written by Josh Christopher


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